Welcome to Clifton Alexander Technique

Awareness – Balance – Comfort: as simple as ABC!

‘I aim to bring my pupils the same level of awareness, balance, comfort and relaxation which I have benefited from so much myself.’ 

Lisa Clarke, Clifton Alexander Technique, Bristol

People come to the Alexander Technique from a variety of routes. You may have had back or neck pain, be aware of tension mounting in your body, or have become prone to headaches or other symptoms of stress you rarely previously experienced. You may have become increasingly reliant on painkillers and wondered if there is another way...

Or, you may simply want to relax more deeply, be more confident speaking in public, feel more comfortable in pregnancy and parenting activities, or allow your body to perform better in sport.

Whatever your reasons, Alexander Technique has been proven to help, in many cases leading directly to enhanced performance, a clearer mind and a more relaxed, pain free body.

What is it and how does it work?

In brief, Alexander Technique is a practical tool for change, which involves exploring simple activities with verbal guidance and gentle touch during a course of lessons to bring awareness of the way we move into our everyday lives. This enables us to let go of unhelpful habits and postures which are causing strain, stress and ultimately pain. In leaving these things behind, and relearning more comfortable ways of moving and living, most people can regain a deep sense of equilibrium which allows them to move more easily and often become pain free.

About Lisa Clarke

A fully qualified Alexander Technique teacher for over twelve years, as well as a dance and movement therapist, Lisa Clarke is passionate about the benefits Alexander Technique has already brought to her own life, and the improvements she has seen in her clients over the years. She offers individual classes and also runs workshops and group sessions in Bristol.