Alexander Technique Active

Who are we?

Lisa Clarke MSTAT and Susie Baker MSTAT have been running together and exploring how practising the Alexander Technique improves their running since meeting at a Malcolm Balk workshop ( several years ago.  They both continue to work with him whenever he is in the UK.

Susie is also qualified as a Leader in Running & Fitness through UK Athletics.


What Do We Do?

We lead a drop in running club at 1pm on Fridays.  The aim of the club is to teach participants how to unpick their unhelpful running habits with a combination of self observation and exercises.  The focus is different each week: observing and releasing neck and shoulder tension while running; how improving head and neck coordination creates a lighter footfall; how to do less and maintain beautiful form while running up Bristol’s hills have been a few of the recent ones. The Alexander Technique is like a language; the more we practise the more fluent we become, and when we apply it to running our strides become more dynamic, more fluid, more fun!

Whether you run for fitness and a bit of me time or you’re chasing a PB for your next race, running with better balance and coordination will help you achieve and enjoy running more.

We also teach longer workshops quarterly where we focus more specifically on cadence and drills designed to make your running faster and more efficient.


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 “It makes my legs feel lighter”

Laura Hifle